September Currently

Hello guys! I'm a little late but I'm linking up with Farley for my first ever Currently! I'm excited for September because that means the state fair, the renaissance festival, cooler weather, and better clothes :) My favorite season is fall just because of my wardrobe and the awesome color tones.

Listening: My guilty pleasure reality show is Little Women: LA and Terra's Little Family. I don't typically watch reality TV but I'm addicted to these women. 

Loving: I am so grateful for this labor day weekend. I went to a musical playing at a local theatre on Friday and hung out at the Annapolis waterfront. Yesterday I went to an awkward high school reunion lol. Not mine so I couldn't just leave when I wanted. Today I'm going to watch some basketball at the neighborhood high school and the state fair this evening and tomorrow a cookout! Talk about a busy weekend!

Thinking: I am two weeks down into the school year and I am sooo tired! I know you all can understand! My classroom is so humid that by the time I get home I can fall asleep on the couch. It doesn't help that the top floor of my house is stuffy and humid as well lol.

Wanting: I am obsessed with love FROYO. It's kind of a problem!

Needing:  Okay now when I say meal prep I mean, figure out what I'm eating for the week and stop winging it lol. I need to get on my game by first going to the grocery store! Then I can figure out my menu for the week and get crockpot meals ready. 

3 Goals: Next Tuesday is back to school night, and Wednesday starts my first grad class of the semester (3 more classes left!) so my goal is to decrease the stress! I also need to have a set bedtime, that I stick to, during the week so I can get more sleep. I'm sure exercise is one of everyone's goals. I need to get into the gym more! It will definitely give me more energy and make me feel better about myself!

So what are you up to? How's the start of September? 


  1. That sounds like you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend planned! And I so can related to the exhaustion...I, too, am almost 2 weeks in and I'm soooo tired this time. I really think it's the heat and humidity here, too. My hair loves the humidity *take note of sarcasm* Most definitely looking forward to cooler weather!

    Apple Blossoms

  2. I understand the "tired" weeks. It all catches up to us on the weekend. Here's to a restful weekend!!
    -Lovely Nina

  3. As you can see I am trying to relax but stay busy with continuing my education. I am reading like a crazy person! I understand how you feel about going to bed at a certain time. I honestly fell asleep at 8:30. I never go to bed that early. But I have felt the difference in the morning. I wake up less tired and more energized when I go to bed early. Even if you just rest your body and mind and lay there, it will help! Have a good weekend!