December Currently

I've reached that point where I am blogging once a month, which makes me sad :( I had high hopes for October, and November and then it became December so fast lol. I wanted to recap all the cool things that happened in my classroom during those months, but by the time I get home from work every day I just end up crashing on my couch. So... here I am, linking up with Farley for the December Currently!

Watching: Don't you just love ABC Family during the holiday seasons? No matter how many times I've seen these Christmas movies I will still tune in.  I'm going to be a little disappointed though when ABC Family changes to "Freeform" in January. I get it - all the shows aren't geared towards a family audience, but I'm so used to the name lol. 

Loving: Christmas, duh! I love decorating my classroom, and doing Christmas/winter crafts. I haven't had any kids in any of my classes yet who can't celebrate holidays so I consider myself lucky in that area lol. IDK what I would do the whole month of December.

Thinking: Of how much stuff I have to do. Luckily grad school for this semester ends next week so that will be one thing off my plate. But interims are due next week, and I've got to get busy on my SLO, go Christmas shopping, clean/decorate the house, prepare for baby D (because for some reason my mind thinks this baby is coming next month), etc.

Wanting: Ice cream! I went to the grocery store and bought 3 different types of ice cream, chocolate syrup and whip cream (totally forgot sprinkles and cherries!) but I can't wait to eat it!

Needing: Motivation to write my paper, grade papers... just motivation period!

Real or Faux: Fake all the way! We save money and time from having to clean up. Plus I'm sure the dog would destroy it. 

Leave a comment and let me know what you've been up to! :)