A Peek at Guided Reading & a FREEBIE!!

So I've realized I'm a super lazy blogger and I feel bad because I put a lot of time into starting a blog and finding someone to make it beautiful. I had goals. Serious goals y'all. You know...  "I'm going to blog 3 times a week" goals. Then life happened and life said "Nice try." So.. that's that. 

Well, I figured if I had an actual topic to discuss and one that I could plan out a blog post for, then I would be motivated to write more. So here we are! I have decided to give you all a peek into my guided reading block and share one of my weekly outlines for a guided reading group this week. 

I currently have 25 students in my class and 5 differentiated guided reading groups. These groups range from reading below a level A all the way to a reading level N. I have to meet with these groups every day. However, it is just impossible for me to meet with 5 different groups every single day within 60 minutes, so I meet with my two highest groups every other day on an A-Day, B-Day schedule. When they aren't meeting with me they are completing independent work at their seat. 

This is how my rotations look throughout the week. I keep labels in a pocket chart in the back of my room for my students to see. You can see a post of how they look in the pocket chart from the beginning of the year (when I had 4 groups) by clicking here. I keep the B-Day labels behind the A-Day labels for easy switching. 

When I really get into my planning groove, I like to get all fancy with my documents and really plan out my week.

Just kidding. Not fancy at all. Sometimes I enjoy the simplicity of a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil. This is weekly outline one of my on-level groups and this week we are reading a biography on Michael Jordan. It's amazing that not one of them knows who Michael Jordan is! This organizer is a freebie in my TPT store and you can find it here or clicking on the picture below. 

So if your wondering, Monday is crossed out because every other week I have to spend small group time teaching spelling patterns to my differentiated spelling groups. 

These pink storage baskets are how I keep my guided reading books that I am using organized. The construction paper in between the sets of books just lets me know which group the books are intended for. With 5 groups things can get pretty confusing. I'm sure there's a prettier way to house this, but it works for me. Underneath the organized books I keep books I plan to use that I haven't planned out yet. 

So there is this weeks peek into my guided reading block. I'll be back next week with a peek into a different group and what they are working on. Don't forget to grab your FREE organizer for your guided reading block!

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