Classroom Tour!! (2015)

Hey everyone! I'm back with Blog Hoppin to share my classroom this year! I so wanted to join in yesterday's posts but I received a new (non-English speaking) student and between trying to help that cutie out and still in the groove of back to school, I was pooped!

Anyway, I am so excited to share the massive amount of pictures I have of my classroom. I have a new, large classroom this year an the amount of space excites me every time I walk into it. Disclaimer: I am not a photographer so my pictures may range between dark and light and horrible and great lol. You may also notice that some things are different in one shot than another and that's because some pictures were taken at different parts of the day. 

I promise to edit this post and include links to where certain products are from, but for now, just pictures and quick descriptions. So here goes:

This is the what you see when you first enter my room. I took a picture of my door and my wreath which was Pinterest inspired but can't even find the picture. The schedule cards are in my store and you can find them here.

This is my birthday board where I put kids pictures up under each month. You can find it here

Bathroom and Classroom Jobs.

Kids can grab activities out of the drawers or take the whole drawer to a desk around the room for their word work center. The labels can be found here. You can see some teacher resources on the floor for small group. I also lost my y from the glue bottles lol. It fell one day and disappeared.  

Small Group Table

Next to that is my Wonder Wall - during different lessons the kids write down things they wonder, questions they have, or predictions they have made. 

A closer look at my rotation chart. My district doesn't do Daily 5 anymore so it took a little while to figure out how I wanted to set up rotations with all the different centers we have now. You can see I forgot to print out a label lol. Had to be a "problem solver" as I tell my kids. 

Here is a closer look at how I plan to switch out the centers daily. 

Here I put math centers & manipulative. The rolly cart holds games that I will switch out into the tubs. The kids are only allowed to touch the first drawer and the cookie sheets when it is time for place value.  

Next up is my Book Nook. The top shelf holds read aloud books that I will use for my curriculum and/or when a substitute is in. I got the READ letters from Michaels, painted them pastel colors, then used a stencil with white paint to add some flair. 

Labels are from here. I separated some of the book boxes to decrease the traffic jams during centers. 

This is the view from the Book Nook. 

Next to the Book Nook is the technology center and Literacy bulletin board. I hang anchor charts, posters, and other related materials on this board. 

The technology center in my room includes the listening center. You can see that below with my iPads I received from Donors Choose

The rainbow basket is where students turn in classwork. The brown basket holds reading buddies of read aloud or in the Book Nook. I still haven't found a spot I really like for it so it's there for now. You can also see my fan in the background lol. My room is very humid. 

Here is my teacher desk. Everything is built into the room so there's no removing it for me. My calendar is also behind my desk. I have assigned a student who is in charge of keeping it updated and the whole class does calendar on the smart board. My guided reading books are on top of my desk - I plan to reorganize & move them soon and then put them in my cupboards .. but I'm super lazy.

You can find my tool box labels in my other post here. My iPod dock has all my Kidz Bop songs on it. 

Here are my front boards. Yes, I have to write all of these I can statements lol. 

I track the noise level in the classroom with those letters. This board also holds our exploration question for the day - which is pretty much the focus point of all our lessons. 

Classroom rules and Brag Tags. So far the kids really like them. Only one kid has snuck hers home and not brought it back. I told her she wouldn't be getting a replacement so we will see if she returns it. The name labels for the brag tags are from here

Next up is my math talk board and my word wall. 

The word wall letters are from here. The banner on the wall is from here

This counter holds my brag tag storage container, tidy tubs, pencils, my buckets that organize the classwork/assignments for the week. 

And last but not least is my writing center. In the blank spaces I will be posting anchor charts and student work. 

Here are just some different views of my room. 

Thanks for sticking around! I hope you enjoy my room as much as I do :) 


  1. Your room looks HUGE! Love all your little setups and things. Looks like we use the same curriculum for LA and social studies :p

  2. Your room looks HUGE! Love all your little setups and things. Looks like we use the same curriculum for LA and social studies :p

  3. Your room looks great! Thanks for sharing!