A Peek at Guided Reading & a FREEBIE!!

So I've realized I'm a super lazy blogger and I feel bad because I put a lot of time into starting a blog and finding someone to make it beautiful. I had goals. Serious goals y'all. You know...  "I'm going to blog 3 times a week" goals. Then life happened and life said "Nice try." So.. that's that. 

Well, I figured if I had an actual topic to discuss and one that I could plan out a blog post for, then I would be motivated to write more. So here we are! I have decided to give you all a peek into my guided reading block and share one of my weekly outlines for a guided reading group this week. 

I currently have 25 students in my class and 5 differentiated guided reading groups. These groups range from reading below a level A all the way to a reading level N. I have to meet with these groups every day. However, it is just impossible for me to meet with 5 different groups every single day within 60 minutes, so I meet with my two highest groups every other day on an A-Day, B-Day schedule. When they aren't meeting with me they are completing independent work at their seat. 

This is how my rotations look throughout the week. I keep labels in a pocket chart in the back of my room for my students to see. You can see a post of how they look in the pocket chart from the beginning of the year (when I had 4 groups) by clicking here. I keep the B-Day labels behind the A-Day labels for easy switching. 

When I really get into my planning groove, I like to get all fancy with my documents and really plan out my week.

Just kidding. Not fancy at all. Sometimes I enjoy the simplicity of a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil. This is weekly outline one of my on-level groups and this week we are reading a biography on Michael Jordan. It's amazing that not one of them knows who Michael Jordan is! This organizer is a freebie in my TPT store and you can find it here or clicking on the picture below. 

So if your wondering, Monday is crossed out because every other week I have to spend small group time teaching spelling patterns to my differentiated spelling groups. 

These pink storage baskets are how I keep my guided reading books that I am using organized. The construction paper in between the sets of books just lets me know which group the books are intended for. With 5 groups things can get pretty confusing. I'm sure there's a prettier way to house this, but it works for me. Underneath the organized books I keep books I plan to use that I haven't planned out yet. 

So there is this weeks peek into my guided reading block. I'll be back next week with a peek into a different group and what they are working on. Don't forget to grab your FREE organizer for your guided reading block!

January Currently

It is officially 2016! Where did the time go? I've linked up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for another Currently. 

Listening: I started binge watching The Office during winter break. I've seen episodes here and there but I never watched episodes back to back. And it's hilarious :) 

Loving: I got real lazy with my planner for a while and I just picked it back up. I'm loving my organization again and the fact that I have dinner planned out for the whole week.

Thinking: I'm just super tired :/ My body is not ready for work.

Wanting: It's been a warm winter so far and it's finally gotten cold so I'm crossing my fingers for a snow day soon.

Needing: More sleep of course! I need to set a bed time and stick to it.

One little word: Exhausted. So. So. Tired. *Yawn*