Parts of Speech!

Hello friends! If you are like me than you had a lot of free time over the summer and you were even able to create some awesome products for your room that you wanted to use. If you're even more like me, then you like to wait until you get it into your classroom to see how it looks before you post it for everyone. 

Well with school shenanigans going on I didn't have any time to actually finish my products (title and credit pages) and post them onto my TPT store. But I can finally say that one thing from the summer has made it into my store! WOOHOO!

This poster set includes 8 of the most common parts of speech that are learned in elementary schools. I also added 3 bonus ones. The little monkeys are too stinkin' cute and I just love them :) 

This product is new to my TPT store today and you can go snag them here

There are a number of ways you can use this set in your classroom:
Post around your room, place in your writing center, decorate a bulletin board, print 2/4 to a page and place on key rings for student use, or to glue into interactive notebooks, glue onto popsicle sticks and have students hold them up for quick assessments. I'm sure all of your creative minds can think of other ways to use them. If you can think of any other ways feel free to leave a comment so someone else can take your brilliant ideas.

You can see them hanging on my wall above my writing center below. 

Don't forget to leave a rating when you go pick up your set :) 
Thanks for stopping by!

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